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Legend Trek's Daily Dental Declaration

Mar 20, 2018

You have to give up to go up says John Maxwell.
Use the 80% rule.
Let it go.

Mar 15, 2018

One day it will be the last time...

Cherish today.  Be intentional about making memories.

Slow down to "speed up".


Mar 13, 2018

Your success in business and life is directly related to your ability and willingness to have difficult conversations.

*95+% of those difficult conversations will be with yourself



Mar 9, 2018

Never Give Up!  You Are A Champion!

You born a champion!

Clarity in your passion and unique ability will provide energy to gain the courage to commit to being a Champion again!

Mar 8, 2018

If you are great at what you do its ok to let the light shine on you!  Let people know about your skills.  If nothing else, as the you let the light shine on you you can then deflect it to your team.  It can be a win for you, a win for your team, and a win for your community!